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Remote Management

Our comprehensive set of .Net development services include end-to end custom development of Enterprise, Web and Mobile Applications, high quality code packages delivery, as well as dedicated teams that extend our customers’ software development capacity.

We also have proven experience building critical infrastructure solutions based on Microsoft desktop, business-management, and server technologies that can expand your current system foundations.

Established development and project management methodologies practiced by Microsoft Certified .NET developers guarantee high development standards and software quality. Our services include:


To increase application maintainability and workflow transparency we separate data tier from business logic and keep data access and manipulation at the persistence layer — through object-relational mapping with ADO .NET Entity Framework or NHibernate and general-purpose query facilities provided by .NET LINQ.

Database Management Systems

We are also capable of dealing with solutions which require alignment with the rich capabilities native to Microsoft SQL Server — namely, working with stored procedures, functions and triggers, thus executing, at least partially, business logic at the database level.

iTechwin widely utilizes Microsoft SQL Server as the primary DBMS which makes .NET application development smooth and cost-effective.


At the same time applications may operate in a heterogeneous environment with multiple database technologies involved. iTechwin is skilled in a variety of database engines which allows using alternative DBMS’s like MySQL or Derby with .NET solutions.

It is vital for complex applications to support automated data exchange and have versatile integration capabilities. iTechwin provides them through competence in WCF and in-depth knowledge of ODATA, .NET Remoting, WSDL, UDDI, XML / XML Schema and HTTP.