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Enterprise security has become a high priority issue today as organizations realize the extent to which their operations could be compromised through improper usage or protection of their information systems. Our ability to exchange vast amounts of critical data over a medium that has minimal protection, such as the Internet, has permitted us to work faster and leaner than ever before, yet has unfortunately provoked a multitude of potential dangers that could cause a temporary breakdown or even collapse in a company’s operations.

iTechwin Systems offer a range of consulting and custom developed measures to reduce the continual threat of viruses, or external intruders eradicating key system codes, or sending out malicious commands. From our off-shore Security Operations Center (SOC), we develop and apply meticulous safeguarding techniques, such as the installation of firewalls to prevent unauthorized entry, the restriction of information access to key personnel, and the removal of harmful content, including computer worms, viruses, trojans or malware.

To ensure that everyone in your team is equally invested in the safe-guarding of your system, we provide clients and their employees with a clear understanding of the technologies in use and how to correctly implement and administer them. We demonstrate basic safe-guarding procedures, such as password protection, restricted system access and routine trouble-shooting procedures, including when to run scans and upgrades to ensure the mitigation, minimization or transfer of risk within their IT infrastructure.

Preventing and minimizing system abuse requires continuous innovation to stay ahead of the thousands of mutating strains of viruses that appear every day. iTechwin Systems relies upon a team of top-notch talent that we consider to be among the very best in the industry, and our fully comprehensive security solutions, including disaster recovery and incident management, are constantly being improved and expanded upon in our state-of-the-art dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC).

iTechwin Systems is able to dedicate continuous resources to ensure our clients’ security. Through subscriptions to professional institutions, we stay abreast of the latest industry developments and receive regular updates on new and evolving IT-related threats. Our meticulous consultants engage in critical, industry-specific research to create internal knowledge repositories and greatly contribute to the field of information security. Clients can rest assured that the well-being of their cyber security is safely in our hands.